Loan Documentation

You also find, on my website, a checklist for all of the paperwork and documentation that is needed to submit with your loan application. On my website you click on the “apply” button. And then you’ll see a checklist. A refinance checklist or a purchase checklist, depending on which type of transaction you’re doing. There is a reason this is important. One of the big problems that people find is that your loan officer will ask for some documents up front and then, two weeks later, they ask for a little bit more. Then the loan goes to the underwriter and the underwriter finds a few things. And asks for a little bit more. And people don’t like that. So, I try and frontload all the paperwork. I have a lengthy, detailed checklist on my website so that you can do things. And hopefully do them once. And then be done with I think and we move onto the next step in an orderly fashion.