One thing that I focus on is providing transparency. I really believe that people have a right to see, openly, what’s going on with the transaction. Fees, interest rates, everything should be open and many times it’s not in the mortgage business. One thing that I do that you’ll find many people do not is publically post interest rates on my website. You’ll also find on my website,, click on the loan tracking button and you’ll find a monopoly board. On that board, it represents the transaction from start to finish. So from loan application to the appraisal to shopping for homeowner’s insurance to loan submission to loan approval all the way to settlement day you’ll find tips, and most importantly, simply where am I in the process and to know in a transparent fashion what’s going on. I think it’s the least that somebody can do for you in what is an important transaction.

Last, there are many times that people will call me and say, “Should I refinance?” I do the math and I say, “No,” and I show them because why would you spend $4,000 to save $75 a month? I’m very transparent. I’m very open. I try to make everything available online so that the consumer knows exactly what’s going on with an important transaction.