Website Development For Realtor’s Websites


My website has evolved many times since the mid 1990’s. I have 5,000 unique visitors a month and growing. I have done this mostly by adding content. Have you thought of adding more content to your website? I’d like to offer some help with that. I have been extensively involved in website development. I used to work for a large, national mortgage lender, and I helped build their website from the ground up. You can check out my current mortgage site by clicking around this site.


Two important things to focus on are a blog and then adding videos. It really helps to personalize your site, it serves as a tool for clients that you meet through regular channels, and it does wonders to drive traffic and new potential clients to your website.

Some of the topics I blog about show up #1 on Google rankings! Between that and having 60,000 unique visitors a year on my site, I know a bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


A social networking strategy is also critical, which you can see how I have addressed here on Facebook as well as on Twitter. Let me know if you want to talk about evolving and growing your internet and social networking strategies, feel free to email I have ideas and resources that can help my Realtor partners, and we can customize them for your specific style and needs.


It has also become critical to establish various online profiles to allow clients to review you. There are very few people that buy a product or service without looking for online reviews. When was the last time you went to a restaurant, watched a movie or found a contractor without trying to find online reviews first? I have profiles on Yelp, Google, Zillow, Trulia, and much more. 25% of my revenue and growing now comes from these online review profiles.


Some of my resources are made available below:

1. Dave Foreman
Owner, Interactive Limited
cell 484-802-3506
Online lead generation consulting, Reputation Management, SEO and link building, and much more.

2. Brittany Farley
Farley Marketing Solutions
cell phone (540) 578-4176
Helped me in setting up Yelp, Google+, Zillow and other online profiles.

3. Max Kukoy
Max is my Webmaster and has built and maintained my website.

4. Cindy Carapellucci
Cindy designed most of the graphics for my website.

5. Jackie Kincaid
Jackie designed my Facebook business page and my Twitter page.