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Minimum Credit Scores

The latest minimum credit scores are simple for an FHA loan. If you have at least a 620 credit score, you can get an FHA loan.

With Conventional loans, a 720 credit score is preferable. You may get a loan with a lower credit score, but it would cost more points (i.e. an “add-on”).

There are complicated matrices used on Conventional loans and those may show that a lower credit score can still get a Conventional loan, but trust that if you are going for a Conventional loan its best to have a 720 credit score.

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Three Credit Reports to Get a Mortgage?


A lender pulls three credit reports to issue a mortgage? Yes, potentially. One when you get pre-qualified. Then another at loan application, if loan application and settlement happens 120 days or more after pre-qualification. And then the third check is just before settlement! Yes, now Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and all the rule makers require lenders to check for credit activity just a day or two prior to settlement. Read More