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Buyer Waives Termite Inspection, But Still Delays Settlement Over Termite Treatment?

I have seen a last minute termite inspection issue cropping up lately that should be discussed. Many times I will see that the sales contract will not call for a termite inspection. In this market of limited inventory one way the buyers are competing is by waiving contingencies. One of those ideas is to waive the termite inspection contingency. Sometimes when waiving this contingency Read More


Waiving Termite Contingencies

I sometimes get asked about waiving one or all contingencies in a real estate contract. This helps make for a more aggressive offer in a competitive sellers market. The main contingencies in most real estate contracts are the appraisal contingency, the financing contingency, the termite inspection contingency, and the home inspection contingency. I am not a proponent or an opponent of any of these strategies. I simply want to discuss the pros and cons of each since it is a question I do get. In this blog I’d like to discuss waiving the Termite Inspection contingency. Read More