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Do Not Be Sold, Be Educated

One motto I follow in life is: do not be sold, be educated. One of the favorite t-shirts that I have is an old, tattered blue t-shirt that has the words “I Need Advertising To Help Me Decide” written across the front. I love the sarcasm and the not so subtle message. It is discomforting that so many people let themselves get sold, as opposed to taking the time to learn, study, analyze and decide using proper business analytics. I see this in the mortgage world more than you would think. Read More

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I Am In A Database? Really?

Yes, we are all in databases. Likely hundreds of them. Every single time we call an organization, buy something or ask a vendor a question, we go in a database. Companies and salespeople do not set up costly structures. Go through licensing and training. And spend money on products and services. Hoping that you will call, and call again, and remember to call in the future. Quite frankly, humans do not remember. We forget.

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Key Findings for Real Estate Agents On Mortgage Lenders

Key Findings for Real Estate Agents: There was an extensive report done by a research, marketing and communications firm based in Washington, DC. The firm has more than 30 years in the field of research with deep experience in the fields of financial services, housing and technology. I want to show you the results of some of this research as it relates to the mortgage industry. It will help Realtors and mortgage consumers better pick a mortgage lender.

What were the key findings for real estate agents?

Below are four major findings from the research that Realtors see as their main problem with mortgage lenders: Read More