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Cocktail Party Chatter

There is nothing worse for a mortgage lender than the current cocktail party chatter going on about interest rates. It seems to be a main topic at the water cooler, over coffee, on Facebook, and at cocktail parties. Who got what rate? Who got the lowest rate?Rates, rates, rates. No talk about service or experience, and no talk about execution. It reminds me of the talks I hear about related to who has what car or what house, who took what vacation, etc. Interest rates are the current cocktail party chatter, and it is not good for me. Why? Read More

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Interest Rates Are Going Down, Except They Are Not

A common refrain I hear from mortgage borrowers is that interest rates are going down when they are not. I had a client insist recently that he knew rates were going down. He expected a better interest rate than what he was already locked into. But I saw that rates were exactly the same as when we had first started his transaction. After researching this some more I found that Read More