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Is It Better to Overprice or Underprice Your Home For Sale?

brian-martucci-overprice-vs-underprice-home-sale-blogWhen sellers set an asking price for their home I always imagine big dollar signs in their eyes. Most human beings suffer from wishful thinking and confirmation bias. But how should you price your home: high, low or right at market value? If sellers are underpricing they may hope to sell faster, or hope for a bidding war. Overpricing a home may allow you to get more for your house than what it’s really worth with luck that one buyer loves your home. Underpricing or overpricing your home can be a gamble. And the best thing you can do is come to terms with how much your house is really worth. Read More

What Effect Does Home Staging Have? Not Much.

I always wondered how much value could be attributed to staging a home. I figured, that at least for myself, I could see past someone’s furniture, taste in decoration, or inability to keep a clean house, and always see the real potential in a home. I figured I knew square footage, bedroom and bathroom count, lot size and view, and never needed the benefit of having a home decorated a certain way for me to see its potential. Read More