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Documentation Requirements For A Mortgage

A client told me that he was due to be a father any day now and was having a baby girl. He told me that he hoped she turned out to be a good credit risk and could be able to get a mortgage as an adult. It made me laugh that he made this joke about the boring mortgage industry, and it made me realize how ludicrous the mortgage rules have become.  Read More

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Mortgage Paperwork Is Getting Easier

Here at Capital Bank Home Loans we have a new dynamic loan application that we use, to help ease the mortgage paperwork. Being dynamic means that it can potentially verify your assets and income during the application process, allowing you to avoid having to upload any documents. And of course we all love to avoid mortgage paperwork!

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Occupancy Fraud? What Is That?

Hi, it is Brian Martucci doing a video blog from the beach. I am in Manhattan Beach, California. Take a look. Beautiful, is it not? So, today I want to do a video blog about occupancy fraud. By occupancy fraud I mean somebody that says that they’re going to live in a property as their primary residence when they really have no intention to live in the property as their primary residence. They really are going to rent it as a rental property.

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Why do people do this and say that they’re going to live there when they are not? They do it because they will get a lower interest rate Read More