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Are Interest Rates Too High?

Interest rates are becoming a hot topic lately. With interest rates shooting up approximately 1% in about a month, there is plenty to talk about. It seems that some people were only in the housing market as a result of give away mortgage rates. When I hear someone exclaim surprise when I quote a 4.5% interest rate, because they heard rates were at 3.5% six months ago, it actually shocks me that people are surprised.

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Interest Rates Up Again… a Lot!

Interest rates are now up about 1% from their rock bottom lows of a few months ago. The inevitable interest rate increase from all-time lows is continuing. Investors have continued to sell stocks and bonds following the Federal Reserve meeting last week. It seems that if the economy performs as expected, then the Fed plans to taper its bond purchases later this year. Over the past few years, the Federal Reserve bond purchase program has helped mortgage rates decline to historically low levels. This occurrence has lifted the stock market. So any sign of the withdrawal of stimulus has hurt both stocks and bonds. Read More

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They Go Down Forever!

Rates appear to be going down forever. There is no end to how low they can go, is there? Of course there is. And I find consumers have gotten used to not only low rates, but the fact that they will keep dropping. So they procrastinate and put off refinancing because rates will be lower tomorrow. But they may not. Rates can only go so low. We are at the lowest point for rates in our country. But the weak economy not only produces low rates, it produces doubt and fear.

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